Have you ever tried having a spiritual conversation with someone who was starving? How about with someone who was struggling with a natural disaster? How did that conversation go?


Many people will not be open to discovering Jesus Christ until the other pieces of their lives are put together first.


That’s what happened with Grace Antapa from Tanzania. At 11, her parents died of HIV/AIDS and she was placed in her grandmother’s care. Two years later, her grandmother also passed away.


Picture of Grace AntapaShe arrived at the Upendo Center, an orphanage supported by our humanitarian partner Global Aid Network (GAiN), alone and unsure of her future. But as Grace received love, support for education and nutritious meals, she began to feel safe in her new home.


One day, after hearing a teacher’s testimony, Grace surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. She attended Bible studies held at home, school and church to grow in her faith. She went to university and even worked with GAiN on the Water for Life Initiative. Today, Grace is a 25-year-old woman who continues to follow Jesus and now works for the Tanzanian government in their water department.


Without a safe place to live and a caring family, Grace’s story could have ended in further heartbreak. By helping Grace put the pieces together in her life, she was open to discover the love of Jesus.

Here are five ways you can help people put the pieces back together through GAiN:

Picture of Cyprienne smiling

1) Help a budding entrepreneur start a business. Women involved with GAiN’s micro-finance project receive hands-on training to learn a skill such as baking, basic mechanics, sales, hairdressing and sewing. They also join a community group of 12 women where they learn how to run their own businesses, balance books and manage their finances. For many women, being able to provide for their families is a dream and results in dignity and a renewed confidence.


Construction of the Upendo Orphanage

2) Support the expansion of the Upendo Orphanage to house even more children in need.

The Upendo Orphanage is hoping to construct two more homes for 50 additional children and provide green space for children to play.

Water well provided by GAiN'S Water For Life Innitiative

3) Provide clean water to areas where the need is great. Since 2003, GAiN has supplied clean water for more than 1.2 million people. By providing deep-capped water wells, villages receive training on hygiene, well maintenance and sanitation; diseases are eradicated and children are able to attend school.


Picture of Syrian mother and child in a refugee camp

4) Support someone in a crisis.
When disaster strikes, GAiN assists victims of conflict and hostile environments; providing food, clothing, shelter, clean water and trauma counselling when needed. Currently, GAiN is providing 1,000 Bags of Blessings, consisting of food and non-food items to individuals and families in need within Syria.


Picture of a man standing in front of a podium preaching the gospel

5) Introduce them to Jesus Christ. In partnership with the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy, the JESUS Film is shown to villagers in their own language, inviting them to discover Jesus. New believers are discipled, new leaders are equipped and a new church is planted. In one year, this church is encouraged to reproduce itself.

With one gift to GAiN, you can address the holistic needs of people around the world and positively impact all areas of their lives.


Will you help someone discover the missing piece?


With every $10.58 you give, you will impact the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of someone living in poverty and turmoil. Let’s put the pieces back together.