Christmas shouldn’t be a cause for stress, but every year you find yourself struggling to find that perfect gift to show a loved one how much they mean to you. Instead of braving the crowds and waiting in long lineups to score the best deals at the mall, why not do your shopping at and purchase items from Global Aid Network (GAiN)’s “Gifts That Change Lives” catalogue?


You can buy sustainable gift items that honour your loved ones, share the good news of Jesus Christ and change lives. Check out our gift items customized for the special people in your life.



The minimalist. You know the type. This may be a parent, grandparent or friend who insist they “just don’t need anything.” They prefer to avoid cluttering their house with trinkets and knick-knacks they’ll never use. This year, honour their request by providing clean, disease-free water for 10 people living in Africa for $85. You’ll be releasing mothers and young girls from the burden of spending their days searching for water sources, meaning they can return to school, start a business and pursue their dreams.
Your BFF. When you’re with your best friend, you know you’re “home.” That feeling of being known intimately is something coveted by orphans around the world, who may have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. GAiN’s Upendo Orphanage Center in Tanzania currently provides 24 children with nutritious food, clothing, school fees, health care and a loving, Christian home. Our goal is to help 24 more children by building two additional homes. Each home costs $85,000 to build, or 10,000 bricks. Consider buying 10 bricks for $85. You’ll not only help an orphan with a new place to live, but a place to belong.
Your favourite teacher. Instead of a box of chocolates or scented candles, honour your teacher by purchasing a “Bag of Blessing” for $119 to help a family in Syria. Each bag includes basic necessities such as blankets, hygiene items, food and water, providing a family of five with the essentials for one month. Since the internal conflict began in 2011, more than 250,000 Syrians have died and four out of five people are living in poverty. Show your teacher that being kind and compassionate is the best lesson you learned from class.
The germophobe. Always armed with a mini bottle of sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, this person diligently sneezes into their elbow and is quick to dispense advice to avoid getting sick. To honour this person’s healthy hygiene habits, build 5 hand washing stations in a village for $37.50. This gift will provide jerry cans, soap, and materials to build the station and will also go toward training in-country facilitators. By equipping villagers with the right tools and providing education on hand washing, sanitation and other topics, they can practice healthy habits and stop the spread of illnesses.
The DIY guru. This person is always tinkering with something, whether it’s a home renovation project, car repairs or updating their garden. Honour this ambitious do-it-yourselfer by training others with useful skills to sustain themselves, their families and communities. You can help a single mother in Paraguay achieve her dream of starting her own business by providing her with a micro-finance loan ($281 for a three-month loan cycle) or train a regional repair representative in Africa for $281 so they can maintain the water well in their community, ensuring its durability for many years.
Your personal hero. They’ve been there for you more times than you can count. Whether you were going through a dark period in your life or needed someone to help you move out of your apartment, this person has been a pillar of strength for you on your best and worst days. Honour your hero with a $50 donation to GAiN’s emergency fund, so that GAiN can continue to be there for people as soon as crises and emergencies strike around the world. Your support will help GAiN deploy immediate supplies such as water, shelter, food and medical equipment.
Your pastor, counsellor or spiritual mentor. The time they invested in your spiritual health means more to you than they will ever know. Honour their impact by introducing people who have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ and by guiding them in their Christian walk. Provide Bibles for 15 new believers for $190 or show the JESUS Film and help plant a church in an impoverished country for $625.
The new mom. Whether she’s pregnant or sleep-deprived with her new baby, new moms would give anything to protect their little bundle of joy. And in Benin and Togo, what new moms often end up giving up is their lives. In Benin, the probability that a woman will die during and following pregnancy and childbirth is 1 in 51. In Togo, it’s 1 in 58. In Canada, 1 in 8,800. Your gift of $177.50 will train and update health clinic workers on safe and effective maternal, newborn and child health practices. Provide quality health care and save the lives of mothers and their children.

Partner with GAiN this Christmas as we demonstrate God’s love in word and deed to those whom we serve. Visit for more gift ideas.