The first time Aaron Tam watched a DRIME performance on the streets of his hometown of Hong Kong in 2014, he thought, “I want to do this.”


“It was pretty powerful to me,” says the 23-year-old, who is in his third year of theatre production at a university in Toronto.


Shortly after this experience, he was volunteering at an organization that helps Chinese youth adjust to life in Canada, when the founder informed him that a Christian drama team would be using their location to host a workshop.


“I asked her, ‘Is this team called DRIME?’” he recalls. “She said, ‘Yeah! How did you know?’


“I was surprised because I didn’t take the initiative to look into DRIME, but God sent these opportunities to let me know about this ministry.”


Aaron attended the workshop and learned a drama, then watched as the team performed downtown.


A year later, Aaron felt compelled to go on a mission trip and looked into DRIME’s options. He joined a DRIME trip to Montreal in July 2016, where he learned several dramas, ministered to people on the streets and helped train local believers in the dramas.




“Before I went on the trip I was pretty nervous because I was the only Asian on the team and wondered how to communicate with others,” he says. “I’m not good at expressing myself in language and I’m not a talkative person.”
“But after the first day, I wasn’t afraid anymore.” he says. Aaron quickly felt welcomed on the team and began having conversations with people who were watching their street performances.


“Once I stepped out in faith, I felt peace and found that conversation to be fruitful.” On two separate occasions, God even used Aaron to connect with native Cantonese speakers from Hong Kong.


“The whole experience helped me step out of my comfort zone, take the initiative to talk to people and push barriers.”


Aaron has been a member of DRIME in Toronto since his mission trip. Every Wednesday, the team meets for training and ministry. They share with each other, pray together and spend 90 minutes performing dramas and engaging pedestrians in spiritual conversations. For Aaron, it’s something that brings him deep joy.


“I’m passionate about drama and God is the purpose of my life,” he says. “When I’m using my talent to spread His gospel, I feel as though I’m doing what he wants me to do.”


Aaron’s team in Toronto and the team he met in Hong Kong are two of the 15 DRIME teams around the world committed to making Jesus inescapable on street corners, ministering to people who may never set foot in church. Last year, 1,316 pedestrians surrendered their lives to Jesus through this ministry.

Will you invest in street drama to share the Good News with the world?

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