The JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy (JFCPS) team encouraged Pastor Gweh’s church in Nyarlay, Nimba County, Liberia, to start a church plant in a neighbouring village.


“I first found it difficult to believe that we could successfully plant another church,” the pastor said. However, they were willing to give it a try so more communities could hear the gospel.


Early in 2016, five people from the church answered God’s call and received discipleship training. They then travelled with the JFCPS team to the village of Yao-Manplay and showed the JESUS Film to 860 people. 28 people decided to follow Christ and 14 people joined discipleship groups to find out more about Jesus. This was the start of a new church plant.


Oretha was among the viewers who came to see the film one night.


“I really felt the love of Jesus as I watched the JESUS Film,” she said.


“His teachings and miracles demonstrated the great love that God has for me. I came forward to give my life to Jesus and become a member of God’s family.”


Many new believers are now serving faithfully at the church in Yao-Manplay thanks to a community of believers that was willing to step out in faith. In the past 12 months, through the JFCPS strategy, 224 churches have been planted.


Will you help us share Jesus with more villages in Liberia and around the world?

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