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DRIME: Run for the NationsA Fun, Family-Friendly Event in Fort Langley this June

The world needs the message of Jesus.   Can you imagine acting out a story of God’s love to bring that message to life? DRIME does just that, on street corners across Canada and around the world. Their unique choreographed dramas provide opportunities to start spiritual conversations with strangers, and share the gospel. DRIME exists [...]

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5 Ways to Show Love Through Listening

Valentine’s Day is about love, but demonstrating that love takes more than chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners. It takes action. I’m reminded of the 90s DC Talk song “Luv Is A Verb”. It causes us to do. It’s not passive.   A basic human need — besides food, water, shelter — is the need for [...]

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How Does Knowing Jesus Change Conversations?

What has knowing Jesus changed your life? Knowing the answer to that question could help you to engage in conversations with those who know Jesus and also those who don’t know Him.   Knowing Jesus changes________. This is the sentence we asked people to complete this past weekend, at the P2C booth at Break Forth [...]

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Grow your faith at Break Forth Canada 2017

For the last 20 years, Break Forth Canada has been a gathering place for Christ-followers to be renewed, equipped and unleashed! It’s a conference where every Christian can learn, find encouragement and be empowered in their faith.   Last year, when the founders of Break Forth, Arlen and Elsa Salte, handed the event to Power [...]

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More Than Education: Finding Hope on Campus

Olivia was lost in darkness, desperate for something, but she didn’t know what.     In high school, Olivia struggled with depression, something she’d been battling since she was a kid. The one thing that kept her going was her belief that everything would get better in university. However, during her first week at Brock [...]

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Christian Embassy: Building Trust in Politics

The 2015 Canadian election created a huge amount of interest and change, the impact of which will continue to unfold as time goes on.   However, one constant on Parliament Hill is a group of passionate and dedicated believers at the Christian Embassy, who are building trust relationships with leaders and seeking to help them [...]

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Experiencing God through edible metaphors

"Taste and see that the Lord is good" Psalm 34:8   Culinary artist Gary Stevenson had an epiphany while reading the Bible: "God is a foodie."   Right from the start, with Adam and Eve eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil in Genesis, to Jesus being the bread of life, to the [...]

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