“Do you do anything on finances for couples?”


I was in Edmonton for Break Forth Canada, a conference for spiritual renewal and equipping for Christians. The woman standing in front of me had been visiting the home renovation show that was taking place in the same building and dropped in to see what was included in the Break Forth exhibition area. When she saw the FamilyLife booth, she was intrigued because of her background working with couples.


When I explained that we had just included a section on finances in our Weekend Getaway talk on conflict, she seemed interested and pleased. We arranged to talk more the next day. She explained the financial resources she could provide to couples.


Because she knew I was a staff member with FamilyLife, it seemed natural to ask if she had any spiritual roots. After she explained her nominal traditional roots, I asked, “If you could know God in a personal way, would you want to?”


She said yes.


At that point, I explained my journey to faith in Christ. There were a lot of distractions around us as the thousands of attendees at Break Forth streamed past, but her focus made it seem as if we were totally alone.


She made a statement that she had experienced a lot in her life, but felt like something was missing. I shared a quote from Blaise Pascal: “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every person which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator.” She seemed to identify with that thought.


My next question was, “Would you like to invite Christ into your life right now?” She paused and then said, “Yes.” She joined me in prayer, repeating each line of the prayer after me.


It was an unexpected moment to have the opportunity to invite someone to accept Christ during an event where you wouldn’t expect to meet a non-Christian. It was amazing to be reminded that God can open doors to the gospel at the most unexpected times.


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