Brenda Murillo sprints down the left wing with the ball at her feet, cuts to the inside on her defender, then sends a cracking shot off the left post before her teammate scores on the rebound. Minutes later, she’s running down the left side again, this time sliding her shot just inside the near post, leading her University of Toronto Varsity Blues to a 4-2 win over Ryerson University in their season opener.


It was a rewarding start for the third year striker, who has big goals for the coming season. “I want to help my team get to Vancouver,” says Murillo, referring to the CIS soccer championships being held in Vancouver in November, “Especially because Vancouver’s home. It’s a really big deal for me.”


Murillo is keeping a close eye on the standings, but it’s her standing with God that is keeping her grounded and focused.


“A more personal goal,” she says, “is not to get caught up in all that. I have my eyes set so clearly on Vancouver that I need to know that even if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be okay. No matter what, I am a child of God and he’ll love me regardless.”


“There’s so much freedom in that.”


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