“You are precious enough to die for. Just as Jesus has done for you.”


Christian Embassy - profileThat is a risky thing to say in government.


For years, Nancy has served as a Member of Parliament and has been involved with the ministry of Christian Embassy. However, her statements haven’t always been quite so bold.


When she first began speaking to ambassadors and other leaders, she quietly referenced her faith. But recently she began to testify boldly about how her faith in Jesus motivated her to serve in government. She shared stories of how she faced humanly impossible challenges, and how God’s Spirit strengthened and helped her to pursue His calling when a battle was raging.


Because of Nancy’s powerful and public testimonies, others have openly affirmed the transformative power of faith in Jesus before audiences of multi-faith backgrounds. Many diplomats have been moved to see how her faith in Christ is being lived out and are curious to know more.


This fall, Nancy also spoke to a group of students at a Christian college, challenging them to surrender themselves to God for greater things. One week later, two of those students took incredible leaps of faith in their own lives.


Nancy’s courage is inspiring leaders as she proclaims the person and values of Jesus Christ. Some are discovering a relationship with Him and others are stepping out in faith to serve Him in new ways.


*Name changed for privacy.


Making an impact


Christian Embassy - making an impact

Inspire government leaders

There’s no doubt about it: it’s a challenging time to be a leader in Canada. Give political and diplomatic leaders in Ottawa and throughout the world the opportunity to discover Jesus through small group discussions, ambassador tours, international delegations, and more.