The Christmas story is the most revolutionary story in the history of the world. It’s a story of God not just interacting with history or directing it, but entering into history. It’s a story of God made flesh, setting aside all his divine rights to become a helpless baby.


It’s impossible to capture just how incredible the incarnation is in just six verses from the Bible, but these six verses do illustrate the where, how, and why of Jesus’ birth, from the prophecies that foretold his coming to the gospel accounts of the actual events. And I do mean illustrate.


Our talented graphic design team illustrated these six verses with bold colours and striking geometric shapes, in hopes that these illustrations would give you a new view of the Christmas story. We have been sharing these verses on social media, but here are all six collected together.


The Christmas Story

Christmas story - Micah 5:2

Christmas Story Luke 1:30-31 Christmas Story Luke 1:35bChristmas Story Luke 2:11 Christmas Story Matthew 1:22-23Christmas Story John 3:16