As hundreds of people rushed by her, Maggie stood still, captivated by a performance on the street corner in Hong Kong.


DRIME - profileShe watched carefully as a woman wrought with despair moved to the music. Caught in the darkness of drug addiction, this character believes that the only way out is to end her life. But then Jesus – the one in the white shirt – comes to her and offers another way: salvation in Him.


As a Christian, Maggie saw herself in the drama. Before she turned to Christ, her life looked much the same. Drug abuse. Gang activities. Even attempted suicide. But by faith and reliance on the Father’s love and mighty power she was able to live a new life.


So moved and encouraged by the drama, Maggie went to speak to the DRIME team members. Even more than the drama itself, she was inspired to see people publicly declaring their faith in Jesus. She decided then and there that she too could share her testimony and impact others.


There is power in a simple drama to relate messages and struggles in a way that immediately connects with and inspires people. And when that message proclaims the gospel of Jesus, lives are transformed.


Making an Impact

DRIME - impact


16 DRIME teams are making Jesus inescapable in 9 countries around the world:

Canada, Brazil, Kenya, Benin, Paraguay, Thailand, Togo, Mexico and China