When Ashleigh, a fourth-year University of Waterloo mechanical engineering student, first joined the Power to Change – Students community, she hoped she could quietly blend into the background.


“I wanted a Christian group where I could sit, watch, listen and learn,” she says.


Instead, she found herself leading discipleship groups, coordinating meetings and teaching others to share their faith. Learning through P2C-Students’ events has also given her courage to open up to others.


“I’m somebody who is quiet,” she admits. “I won’t have deep conversations with people unless I know them very well, but that’s changed. I can go to that level with friends in my class and say, ’Hey! I’m going to this event later today about science and faith. Want to come with me?’ ”

Ashleigh is now more confident in her faith and in her ability to respond to questions thanks to P2C-Students’ weekly meetings and speakers that have provided her with practical advice. She’s grateful for the help as her peers are beginning to ask her more questions about Christianity.


“If I hadn’t connected with P2C-Students, I would’ve [solely] pursued my studies. I would’ve aimed for high marks to do the best in my education because that would honestly be my identity.


“Yes, I’m getting my degree, but that’s more of a secondary thing in my life. I want to build friendships with people in my class. I want to spend time with other students who are Christians and are growing in their faith. I want to encourage people and I want to do outreach and evangelism.


“School is a context for living for God and I can see the workplace as being another context. It’s not the end goal. It’s more of a context for living out my faith as a servant of God.”


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