“It is hard to put into words,” one wife says of her and her husband’s Weekend Getaway experience in Whistler. “Somehow we were divinely reconnected and reminded of how much love we have for each other.”


FamilyLife - profileNo matter how long a couple has been married, a little help and hope goes a long way.


Into a two-year marriage, another couple says the FamilyLife Weekend Getaway saved their relationship. “We were on the warpath to devastation, and while we still have issues and probably always will, we can talk more openly about it.”


Other couples have found that after many years together, they just needed time to reconnect.


“This is the first time we have gone away alone in 27 years because of family commitments,” one wife says. “We had the wrong priorities.”


“It made us talk. Which we had not done very much of in a long time,” a husband of 15 years says.


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