If Jesus Christ is the lifeblood of Power to Change, our ministries are the heartbeat. Every two weeks we’ll be checking their pulse, sharing blog posts, stories and events from our 10 ministries and humanitarian partner. This is P2C Pulse.

Ministry Updates

  • Are you afraid of evangelism? Jess Versteeg from Power to Change – Students shares five tips on how to go from “Dear God, don’t ask me to do this” to “Dear God, let’s do this!” [P2C – Students]

  • Apologist Kirk Durston presents a simple and elegant argument for the existence of God in his latest blog post for Power to Change – Students. [Kirk Durston]
  • Ignorance isn’t always bliss: there are certain facts that you can’t ignore forever, such as our need for destiny, intimacy and meaning. Garth Jestley shares how marketplace leaders can’t afford to be ignorant when it comes to business, but especially not when it comes to the bigger issues of life and death. [LeaderImpact]

  • Earlier this month, Athletes in Action at the University of Regina invited students to eat Valentine’s Day desserts while listening to a panel discussion about relationships: “To give students the opportunity to hear about healthy relationships from people in different stages of life was awesome.” [Athletes in Action]

  • Speaking of relationships, Neal Black from FamilyLife shares a new way to date your spouse that he calls “happy camper dating.” [FamilyLife]

  • The entire village came out to watch the installation of a new deep-capped water well in Hountakon, Benin. GAiN’s Water For Life Initiative team visited Hountaken’s well and 54 others in Benin and Togo last April. “The need for water is really big and it has been a great tool for us to demonstrate God’s love in the area,” said a local pastor. [Global Aid Network]

  • GAiN shares three stories from Tanzania about how providing a water well has transformed communities and provided hope for the future. “It is nearly impossible for a community to move forward and develop without water. They are stuck in the cycle of poverty and disease, unable to free themselves. Clean water changes everything.” [Global Aid Network]
  • Emmie Stanley from Connecting Streams shares a word about Living Water. [Connecting Streams]

Upcoming Events

  • The annual Apologetics Canada Conference is coming up March 3-4 at Northview Community Church in Abbotsford, BC. Michael Horner and Gary Stevenson from Power to Change will lead breakout sessions. Horner will speak on the trustworthiness of the New Testament, while Stevenson will present a taste of his U2-inspired Theo’s Feast, which shares the gospel through the edible metaphors of a multi-course meal. [Apologetics Canada Conference 2017]
  • Not satisfied with just a taste of Theo’s Feast? Get the full meal on March 18th at Power to Change headquarters in Langley, BC! Experience an amazing menu, while exploring the spiritual journey of U2, including a live musical performance. This is an amazing opportunity to invite a non-Christian friend to start a spiritual conversation. [Theo’s Feast]
  • The next LeaderImpact Forum is in Calgary on March 14, where attendees hear from Jermain Franklin, a reporter for TSN for over 13 years. He’ll share about his journey to success and how his faith has played a key role. [LeaderImpact]
  • FamilyLife will be hosting a Together for Good marriage workshop in Edmonton, AB on March 18 with speakers Neil and Sharol Josephson. It’s a great chance to reconnect, re-establish the foundation of your marriage and rekindle romance. [FamilyLife]
  • FamilyLife’s Weekend Getaways are an amazing opportunity to revitalize your marriage. You can currently register for marriage conferences running from now through May. Visit the site to see when there’s a conference near you! [FamilyLife]
  • Our student ministry is hosting Fellowship Dinners across Canada in March and April, celebrating stories of transformed hearts and changed lives. Join us to discover together the beauty of a world painted by the gospel and witness what happens when students encounter Jesus. Click to find a Fellowship Dinner near you! [P2C – Students]


Fellowship Dinner 2017 – Just add colour from Power to Change – Students on Vimeo.

Get Involved

  • GAiN is sending a LIFE Team to Haiti this summer that will be serving at the Ca-Ira Children’s Village, an orphanage on the coast of Leogane, Haiti, and in the surrounding community. They will be serving in three areas: providing health education and health checks, undertaking construction and maintenance projects, and conducting a summer camp for the orphanage and children in the community. The registration deadline is April 16th. [Global Aid Network]
  • Did you know that you can be a missionary right from your home or office? The Life Project is looking for online mentors who can walk alongside people on their spiritual journeys: share your experience, provide resources and help lead people to Jesus. [The Life Project]
  • DRIME is sending mission trips to Montreal and Uganda this year to equip and train the local church in their powerful and effective evangelism tour. [DRIME]
  • There are always volunteer opportunities in our ministries. Click to find one that fits your calling! [Power to Change]
  • Join the field staff of one of our ministries! Check out the current opportunities available. [Power to Change]