Sandy* was depressed and grieving a recent break-up when she came online for mentoring. She was curious about death and the afterlife because she suffered from an incurable heart condition.


Laura, the mentor, presented the gospel message in various forms and Sandy was quite receptive and asked a lot of questions.


Suddenly one day, Sandy was hospitalized. Laura prayed for Sandy and invited her to make a personal decision to follow Christ before her condition got worse.


While they were communicating back and forth in short chats, Sandy slipped into a coma. Her brother, Evan, of whom Sandy often spoke, was distraught. He used his sister’s phone and started to chat with Laura. He kept her up-to-date on Sandy’s condition, as the doctors expected her to die.


Before long, Laura was ministering to Evan. He confessed he just wanted to die alongside his sister and couldn’t imagine living without her. Laura took the chance to explain God’s plan of salvation to him. He was ready and prayed to make Jesus the Lord of his life.


Laura asked Evan to find out if Sandy had taken that step. She was overjoyed to find out that Sandy had prayed to receive Christ as well.


When Laura asked Evan how his decision to become a child of God would affect his future, he responded with, “Even if Sandy should die, I will go on without her and live.” Suicidal despair had been replaced by divine hope.


Sandy died a few days later.


Laura went on to disciple Evan for several months. Back in June, she said, “Even this last weekend, I heard from him again, saying, ‘Yes, I’m going forward. I know that Sandy would be very proud of me. I’m doing it for her and I’m doing it for Jesus.’”


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*Name has been changed for privacy


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