Mailyn was fixated on material possessions and status, and carried a lot of guilt from her past. She moved to Canada from the Philippines to be a caregiver to her sister’s family.


“Upon arriving here I cared only for material things, but then I started another journey in my life,” Mailyn says.
Her sister held Bible studies in her home and invited Mailyn to join. Mailyn reluctantly attended the group at first, but then continued to attend. She was developing an eagerness to hear the Word of God.


After one study, a lady in the group explained the gospel to Mailyn. “This year on February 28, I responded by saying, ‘yes’ to Jesus’ invitation,” Mailyn says. “My willingness to be a changed person is helping me have a very good relationship with God.”

Once Mailyn came to Christ, she accepted the invitation to join a WHEN Discovery Group. She understood for the first time how she could have a personal relationship with Jesus. Mailyn dedicated her life to following Jesus, knowing Him and serving Him.


“I realized that real contentment and satisfaction cannot be found in any material possession, rather it is only when I have Christ within me,” Mailyn says.

Mailyn is so excited about her faith that she shares the good news with almost everyone she meets. She invites her friends to WHEN events and also joined a WHEN growth group where she is learning how to effectively share her faith with others.


Will you share Jesus with more women who are looking to fill the void in their hearts?

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