Omar, his wife and nine children, live in a two-room tent exposed to sub-zero winter temperatures. The roof, held together by cardboard, is falling apart and the slightest wind or moisture could cause it to collapse completely.


Global Aid Network - profileThis is where Omar’s family has lived since they fled their home in Syria, but they still haven’t managed to escape the country itself. While others have risked their lives to cross borders, there are still millions of Syrians like Omar who remain with nothing.


Since 2013, Global Aid Network (GAiN) has been responding to the needs of Syrians and their families. Thousands of blankets, Emergency Survival Kits and other essential food and non-food items have been purchased and distributed within the country.


By partnering with local churches in Syria, 5,000 traumatized and hurting individuals receive hope each month. Each distribution of aid is given freely to individuals or families’ whether Christian, Muslim or another religion.


Many of those who come to the distribution centres expect to receive only the humanitarian aid. Yet, when volunteers come alongside and care for each individual who is in pain and despair, relationships begin to form. They learn about God’s love for them and in some small way, a measure of hope and dignity is restored.


When GAiN provided Omar and his family with the funds to purchase a stove for their tent, the gesture was small, but the impact was felt acutely. “They brought heat to my children in the winter!” Omar’s wife exclaimed with tears.


In Syria, armed soldiers continue to roam the streets. Tanks, as common as cars, line the roads littered with missile debris. Rebels and ISIS militants target innocent victims, homes, buses and schools. The terror Syrians are fleeing from is real. But in the midst of all this, a message of hope is being proclaimed in the name of Jesus.


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