The gospel paints lives with vibrant new colours


Picture your life as a work of art. When you are born, the canvas is blank, just waiting for the first halting brush strokes as you experience life for the first time.


But so often the art that our life creates lacks joy, meaning and direction. The paint that covers the canvas can be cold and grey, confusing and lifeless.


When we encounter Jesus, everything changes.


The gospel is beautiful, vibrant, exciting and colourful! What was once cold and grey receives a splash of colour and life. What was once confusing and lifeless is emblazoned with bold strokes of exciting new meaning and purpose.


The gospel is a work of art. Jesus brings a vibrancy that paints life with meaning, joy, and hope. A life painted by Jesus becomes a source of light in the darkness, illuminating everyone they encounter.


[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]The gospel is a work of art. Jesus brings a vibrancy that paints life with meaning, joy, and hope.[/inlinetweet]


We sometimes think of the gospel as information — a series of propositions that we can accept or reject — but it is so much more. “The gospel is life,” says artist Makoto Fujimura. “The gospel is about the Creator God, who is an artist, who is trying to communicate. And His art is the church. We are the artwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works.”


Like the best art, the gospel is also challenging. It challenges us to look at our lives and the lives of others in a new way. The best art, whether a painting, statue, book or film, can make an impact that changes your life forever. The gospel, then, is the greatest work of art in history. It is a living, life-changing truth painted on the hearts of men and women.


Our student ministry is hosting Fellowship Dinners across Canada in March and April, celebrating stories of transformed hearts and changed lives. Join us to discover together the beauty of a world painted by the gospel and witness what happens when students encounter Jesus.


Visit the Power to Change – Students website to find a Fellowship Dinner in your area and to register online.