In the Kono region of Sierra Leone, fear rules life.


JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy - profileCaught in destructive patterns of worship, demonic activity and other animistic practices, people in these remote communities struggle each day to survive. They are often poor and uneducated and believe that nobody else cares for their well-being.


This is where Pastor Gaskin Suluku began his ministry in 1992. After converting from Islam to Christianity, he became a pastor leading home Bible study groups and planting churches with the JESUS Film Project. In 2011, he began leading a team alongside Emmanuel Yesseh to not only plant churches, but also to help people become committed and multiplying Christ-followers.


Emmanuel is from a very remote village in the Kono area where demonic activity is strong. He has a keen knowledge of where every remote village is in the area. More importantly, he has a heart for reaching those who would otherwise never hear the gospel.


Together, Gaskin and Emmanuel have planted an average of two churches every month. They serve among those desperate for help, especially since the recent Ebola Virus outbreak in 2014 decimated entire families and communities in the region. Many are still reeling from the horror of the outbreak and are struggling to move forward, their minds still plagued by grief and despair. There is a renewed interest in the gospel and a great sense of spiritual hunger.


Gaskin and Emmanuel have devoted their lives to bring the gospel to the people much of the world has forgotten or doesn’t even know about. They have a heart for their own people; they understand their way of life and they long to bring the good news of Jesus to them.


The JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy (JFCPS) brings the message of God’s love through JESUS film showings, discipling new believers, training new leaders and planting churches. They also desire to strengthen existing church leaders and help new churches become self-sustaining faith communities.


“JFCPS has changed my perspective about the need for our church to begin planting new churches in this area,” says a local pastor in Tongoro. “I want to assure you that with this strategy we are going to spread the gospel throughout the district of Kono. Everyone must hear the gospel in Jesus’ name.”


Making an impact

JESUS Film - making an impact



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The JESUS Film has a long history of introducing people to the gospel, and now through a comprehensive follow-up and discipleship program, you can help plant churches around the world with the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy.