Right from when Bill and Vonette Bright began Campus Crusade for Christ in 1951, prayer was an essential part of their work. Power to Change continues to believe in the power of prayer, which is why each month we’re presenting prayer requests from all of our ministries and partners.


Please be in prayer for our staff and volunteers, as well as the people they serve and minister to, as we help people know Jesus and experience His power to change the world.



Athletes in Action

Pray for AIA’s international tours this spring and summer. Pray for God to use these tours to reach deeply into each participant and help them to see how they can be a multiplying disciple. Pray for those who have committed their lives to Christ through these tours already this year and for the seeds that have been planted.


Summer kid’s camps are approaching. Pray for each province, church, and partner organization that we will serve and that we will effectively proclaim the name of Jesus. Also pray for the camp coaches training that will take place in June in preparation for camps in July and August.


The Canadian Football League season begins on June 23rd. Pray for the chaplains that work with these teams, that they would be rested and ready for another season of spiritual leadership.




Christian Embassy

Praise God for the impact of Abdu Murray’s May 16 “Debate without Hate” presentation and responses to questions of MPs and diplomats. Pray that many more would be moved as they listen to the audio recording of his presentation.


Pray that the truths shared during the recent Ambassador Business tour and seminars would bear lasting fruit in the lives of the leaders who participated.


Pray that God would raise up two new staff to be trained and to serve with the Christian Embassy in the coming months.




Connecting Streams

Please continue to pray for a City Leader for our Edmonton team. Pray for those involved in finding this person to have great wisdom and for God to open the heart and prepare our future City Lead.


Praise God for an administrative assistant for our Ottawa team! Please continue to pray for an assistant for the Edmonton Volunteer Coordinator.


Praise God for the many people who have been stepping out in faith to join Connecting Streams in Langley, Edmonton, and Ottawa. Pray for each of the teams and volunteers in these cities to carry wisdom, love, and grace in every way as they serve.





Pray for the 98 people who came to Christ in Togo last month, and for many others who are in the follow-up process through various DRIME teams around the world.


Two of our staff members (Janna and Esther) are visiting our teams in Thailand and Hong Kong. Pray that God would lead their time together and give them wisdom on how best to support those teams.


Pray for our upcoming Run for the Nations fundraiser on June 10 to have a good turnout and be a blessing to DRIME teams around the world.





Homebuilders are those who start where they are and do what they can to bring help and hope to marriages and families across Canada. Pray with us for our Homebuilder network. Also pray for wisdom for us, as we partner with them to bring tools and resources to their churches and community groups.


We just wrapped up our annual staff conference, where we gathered from all over Canada to learn, explore, share, and inspire each other in what God is doing across the country; and what more we can do through His working in marriages and families. Pray for our staff as they go back to their own provinces, as we all reflect on what God is saying to us for this season.




Global Aid Network

Water for Life Initiative (Benin, Togo, Tanzania, and Ethiopia):

Please pray for our well drilling and community development teams as they work in some very difficult areas and are away from their families for extended periods of time.


Though they face many obstacles to their work, they trust God for open doors, strength and wisdom to continue to demonstrate God’s love and compassion to people through the provision of clean water and ultimately the message of the Living Water. Please pray for their safety and protection and that of the equipment as well.


Syria relief work with Internally Displaced People inside Syria:

The current conflict in Syria is now in its 7th year and people continue to suffer with no hope for the future. Please pray for our work with our local partner in supporting displaced families through the Bags of Blessing project.


This project is now in its 4th year and we are able to demonstrate the love of God to at least 1,000 individuals per month. Please pray for the staff and volunteers as they work in very difficult and traumatic conditions.




JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy

Pray for strength and wisdom for all our teams in the various countries that we are operating in. The work in Benin, Tanzania, Togo and Ethiopia is in conjunction with GAiN’s Water For Life Initiative and the others are in partnership with local partners.


Praise God, we are seeing tremendous fruit in the areas of church planting and ongoing discipleship with many people making decisions for Christ and wanting to be discipled. Please pray for the teams as they conduct discipleship training, pastors and lay leaders training and also provide resources and materials for ongoing discipleship.


In some countries like Ethiopia and Mexico it is getting increasingly difficult for our teams to operate because of ongoing conflicts or calamities – Please pray that these issues will get resolved and people will feel a sense of security and this would also enable our JFCPS teams to operate in relative safety.





Pray that marketplace leaders would be willing to ‘take risks’ and ‘make sacrifices’ for the sake of the gospel.


Pray for successful expansion of the LeaderImpact ministry into Quebec.


Pray for God’s guidance as LeaderImpact Canada assists LeaderImpact movements around the world.




The Life Project

Please pray for the Lord to direct us as we plan our first fundraising dinner! We are praying for Him to bless everyone who attends and to help them to hear His voice clearly, to join us in the ways He would invite them to, and to be captured by His passion, vision, and energy as we continue to serve.


Please pray for continued health for tech team members and their families, as they work diligently on software improvements and troubleshooting.


Please pray for inspiration and God’s direction for our Creative and Design staff, so that what we offer to people will be God-stamped and draw readers to Himself for salvation and spiritual growth.


Please pray for mentors to be filled with God’s compassion for their mentees and for His passion to promote this ministry to their believing friends. Pray for an increase in website traffic and that more visitors will connect with a mentor.




Power to Change – Students

There are a handful of campuses that have active ministries that go through the Spring and Summer semesters. Pray for campuses who will be putting on events that share the message of Jesus and that God will draw students to himself.


Spring and Summer semesters may mean a change in routines from what students enjoyed during the Fall and Winter school months. Pray that God will help establish new routines that will help students grow in their walk with God and lead to fruitful witness.


Mission trips are coming to a close in June. Please pray that students would discover Jesus as they hear the gospel message from trip participants. Pray that God will raise up labourers to go back to our long term partnerships in the future.





Please pray for our upcoming Cantonese WHEN event that will be happening June 17 in Coquitlam. Pray that the team will continue to boldly invite women who do not yet have a relationship with Jesus. Pray that the women’s hearts will be open and receptive to the good news of the gospel!