How Melissa and Tyrel made their marriage a priority



After seven years of marriage, my husband Tyrel and I didn’t have any glaring marital issues, but we knew there were some areas of our relationship that needed attention. The biggest obstacle was figuring out how to get started!


With three little ones at home, finding the time and energy to work on certain aspects of our marriage seemed impossible. It’s not that we didn’t want to do it; it was more about finding the time, resources, time, support and did I mention time?


We heard about FamilyLife’s Weekend Getaway Marriage Conference through friends and we jumped at the opportunity. A weekend away? Just the two of us? In such a beautiful place? Sign us up!


As the weekend neared, we talked through some of our apprehensions. We wanted to go in with an open mind, without any assumptions about the areas it could or would change in us. Our desire was to listen and learn from those further along this journey of marriage than we were.


And maybe even sleep in. I was really looking forward to sleeping in.


We did have one major concern: how much we would need to open up and share with people around us? We were relieved to learn there was absolutely no group sharing and no surprises! The weekend really was all about us as a couple and it was just what we needed.


After the weekend away, we both felt completely renewed and recharged in our marriage. We learned a lot about each other, which we didn’t even think was possible after seven years of marriage. As the speakers introduced various topics and we had a chance to listen to each others perspectives on them, we were both challenged and excited. We now had the tools to address areas in our marriage that we previously weren’t sure how to tackle.


There were two components that really spoke to our marriage – Emotional and Spiritual Oneness. Exploring these sections helped us discover new approaches in how we could better our relationship with God together, as a couple.  


We are endlessly thankful for the time we had away together and we can’t wait to be able to go again. If you’re on the fence about attending a Weekend Getaway – we suggest you go for it!


Making your marriage a priority is something you’ll never regret.



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