If Jesus Christ is the lifeblood of Power to Change, our ministries are the heartbeat. Every two weeks we’ll be checking their pulse, sharing blog posts, stories and events from our 10 ministries and humanitarian partner. This is P2C Pulse.

Ministry Updates


Power to Change – StudentsLife after university can be difficult for a number of reasons. If you’re a Christian, the change in routine, friendships, and community can put a severe damper on your faith. Here are three tips for refreshing your faith that can apply to more than just recent graduates. [P2C – Students]


The Life ProjectUnforgiveness can be destructive, causing bitterness and anger. While forgiving someone who has hurt us and never apologized isn’t easy, it leads to freedom and a great understanding of God’s forgiveness in our own lives. [The Life]


LeaderImpactPeer pressure, when kept in its proper perspective, can be constructive.” The problem comes in when your identity and self-esteem become dependent on living up to the expectations of your peers. Garth Jestley suggests a different place to find your identity. [LeaderImpact]


FamilyLifeIf you’re looking for some surefire ways to ruin a marriage, here are three to get you started. If you’re not, these are three things you should definitely avoid in your marriage. [FamilyLife]


One thing that can unexpectedly take a toll on your marriage is technology. Are cell phones and other devices quietly invading your home and distracting you from spending quality time with your family? [FamilyLife]


One technology that can cause issues is video games. It doesn’t have to be a sticking point — some marriages thrive with a mutual interest in video games and/or clear communication about their proper time and place — but for other couples it can be a serious issue. [FamilyLife]


For families navigating the world of video games with their kids, Dr. Kevin Schut gives some examples of family-friendly, engaging games and resources for parents. [FamilyLife]




Connecting StreamsAllan Mitchell explores the deeper meaning of Biblical peace: shalom. [Connecting Streams]



APRIL 30 | DRIME’s Run for the Nations is an excellent way to support the awesome work that DRIME does around the world. It’s also fun and family-friendly! The run is on June 10th, but register by April 30th for a $10 discount on your registration fee. [DRIME]


MAY 5 – 7 | FamilyLife is hosting a Weekend Getaway in Halifax May 5-7. Register today for this powerful marriage conference that gives you time, tools, and a plan to enrich your marriage, and an understanding of the importance of spiritual health in your relationship. [FamilyLife]


MAY 13 | Join Theo’s Feast in Langley for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience: Theo’s Rock N’ Roll Feast. Enjoy an incredible meal, with each dish paired with a song and story that celebrates the music and spiritual journey of U2 in a unique way. [Theo’s Feast]


JUNE 30 – JULY 16 | Global Aid Network is sending a LIFE Team to Haiti. Registration has ended for this project, but please be in prayer for this group as they prepare for the trip in the coming months. [Global Aid Network]

Get Involved


Global Aid Network has projects in Benin and India coming up this summer. The deadline to apply for either trip is May 26th. The Benin trip will focus on the Water For Life Initiative, helping in early construction of a new water well and providing hygiene training, as well as partnerships with Power to Change ministries The JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy, Athletes in Action, and DRIME. The India trip will focus on Mukti Mission, serving on the main Mukti campus in a way that best suits your skills and passions. [Global Aid Network]


Did you know that you can be a missionary right from your home or office? The Life Project is looking for online mentors who can walk alongside people on their spiritual journeys: share your life experience, provide resources and help lead people to Jesus. [The Life Project]


DRIME is sending a mission trip to Uganda this summer, to equip and train the local church in their powerful and effective evangelism tool. People on this trip will also have the opportunity to use drama to engage people on street corners, in spiritual conversations. Sign up today! [DRIME]


There are always volunteer opportunities in our ministries. Click to find one that fits your calling! [Power to Change]


Join the field staff of one of our ministries! Current opportunities include Campus Staff for Athletes in Action and P2C – Students, Director of Church Planting for The JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy, and Administrative Assistant for Christian Embassy. [Power to Change]