During their 22 years as husband and wife, Rennier and Jet faced many trials. Early in their marriage, when they were living in the Philippines, Jet found out her husband was having an affair.


They both wanted to work on their marriage, so when Jet came across a flyer for a marriage retreat, Rennier agreed to go to appease his wife. “I sat there and listened and wouldn’t interact with anyone, but seeds were planted,” he says. “However, we were still in a bad place.”


“After that, things actually didn’t change much,” Jet continues. “I found out later he was still having an affair. He asked for forgiveness and I forgave him again. And this went on for two years.”


They separated, but during that time Jet invited Rennier to go to counselling with a pastor and his wife for an hour a week. Over time, they realized how important God was to their marriage.


After a year of counselling, Jet still struggled with trusting her husband. But through marriage retreats, a good support group, communication and practicing patience, repentance and forgiveness, the couple was able to see God restore their relationship.
In 2010, Jet and Rennier moved to Canada, not knowing anyone, but feeling called to be involved in marriage ministry. They heard about FamilyLife Canada on the radio, and attended a Weekend Getaway. After attending, they recommended the event to many others. One couple compared the impact on their marriage to the difference between night and day.


Mentoring also impacted and changed Rennier and Jet’s marriage. Using FamilyLife material, God has given them many opportunities to help others and initiate conversations. Now they are actively involved in marriage mentoring at their church. “People know our story,” Jet says. “So sometimes friends recommend that other couples going through the same thing talk to us.”


“It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to play a little part in God’s Kingdom,” says Rennier. “That’s what we’re here for.”


Will you help couples put Christ at the centre of their marriages?

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