Dustin identifies as an alcoholic, drug addict, sex addict and adrenaline junkie. But he’ll also tell you he’s a faithful believer in Jesus Christ.


“I couldn’t be sober today [without Jesus],” he says.


In September 2008, Dustin was in a motorcycle accident where he was pronounced dead at the scene. After a month on life support he woke up. His fiancée had put a Bible by his bed, inviting him to explore God’s Word, so he began reading. The words spoke to him and he gave his life to Christ. Dustin and his fiancée were married after he agreed to enter a recovery house and deal with his addictions. Part of the recovery house program was to attend Addiction Recovery Ministry, a program run by Connecting Streams.


Through this ministry, God has set many people free from their addictions through a Christ centered 12-step program that helps people get the support and encouragement they need.
After four months in the program, Dustin transitioned back home and found work. After his first year of sobriety, he made amends with a former boss and is now working as a supervisor.
Dustin has found new freedom in his daily life. “My compulsion to using is gone. My compulsion to be that mysterious, secret guy is gone. Now I like to be transparent,” he says.


He has also matured in his spiritual growth and is committed to live a balanced life with God, recovery, family, work and activities. He currently serves on the leadership team of Addiction Recovery Ministry and is an accountability partner to new program participants.


It’s amazing what can happen when someone relies on God and has a community to walk with on their journey.


Will you help people break the chains of addiction and discover Jesus?

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