An ambassador who attended one of Christian Embassy’s business tours was deeply moved when her host family invited her to take part in their family devotions. It was a reminder that she needed to prioritize spending time with God each day.


She first discovered God while serving as an interpreter for short-term missionaries who came to her nation after the fall of communism. Through them, she was introduced to her Creator.


But busyness got in the way and her commitment to her career kept her from investing too much in her spiritual growth.


After recommitting herself to God during the recent Christian Embassy business tour, the ambassador, a competent diplomat, began to see her faith grow. Recently, she took a bold stand for Jesus and joined one of the Christian Embassy host committees. There, she publicly identified herself as a Christian. Later at a Christian Embassy event, she read Scripture in front of more than 200 leaders, including parliamentarians, diplomats and Canadian business leaders.


“These are important opportunities to speak up!” she declared.


When some Christian parliamentarians from her country were seeking a meeting with Canadian leaders, she requested that the Christian Embassy set up meetings and include her husband as well. She is praying for her husband and for leaders who are influencing the direction of nations, to come to know Jesus. The testimony of the difference that living faith in Jesus makes in the political arena continues to impact leaders in similar divine appointments.


God has also enlarged this ambassador’s sphere of influence significantly by giving her responsibility as a minister of her government, where she will be given even more important opportunities to speak up!


Will you help more people in government speak up for Jesus?

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