8 gift ideas for every person on your list

Christmas shouldn't be a cause for stress, but every year you find yourself struggling to find that perfect gift to show a loved one how much they mean to you. Instead of braving the crowds and waiting in long lineups to score the best deals at the mall, why not do your shopping at globalaid.net/catalogue [...]

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5 keys to evangelism at Christmas

One of my favourite parts of the Christmas story in Luke 2 is the shepherds. I love that the first people to be told about the coming of Jesus weren't the religious elite or kings and rulers, but were instead common shepherds: ordinary working-class people.   When Jesus describes himself as a shepherd throughout the [...]

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Giving Up Everything

Mailyn was fixated on material possessions and status, and carried a lot of guilt from her past. She moved to Canada from the Philippines to be a caregiver to her sister’s family.   “Upon arriving here I cared only for material things, but then I started another journey in my life,” Mailyn says. Her sister [...]

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A Healing Adventure

When Mike and Jeanne Reimer participated in a LeaderImpact Global Exchange to Panama in April 2016, it not only changed the lives of those they were serving, but their own as well. Three years earlier, their nephew died and the heartache and pain never left the couple’s side. They hadn’t realized how much they had [...]

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Speaking Up Whenever Possible

An ambassador who attended one of Christian Embassy’s business tours was deeply moved when her host family invited her to take part in their family devotions. It was a reminder that she needed to prioritize spending time with God each day.   She first discovered God while serving as an interpreter for short-term missionaries who [...]

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Finding Hope in the Face of Death

Sandy* was depressed and grieving a recent break-up when she came online for mentoring. She was curious about death and the afterlife because she suffered from an incurable heart condition.   Laura, the mentor, presented the gospel message in various forms and Sandy was quite receptive and asked a lot of questions.   Suddenly one [...]

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Faith Stands Out

When Ashleigh, a fourth-year University of Waterloo mechanical engineering student, first joined the Power to Change - Students community, she hoped she could quietly blend into the background.   “I wanted a Christian group where I could sit, watch, listen and learn,” she says.   Instead, she found herself leading discipleship groups, coordinating meetings and [...]

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What (God’s) Love Can Do

Years ago, Anita’s world seemed bleak and small.   Her parents were unable to provide for her and her sister, Rekha, who has special needs. So at an early age, Anita and Rekha began their life at Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission, a ministry that Global Aid Network (GAiN) supports in India and also represents in [...]

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Road to Recovery

Dustin identifies as an alcoholic, drug addict, sex addict and adrenaline junkie. But he’ll also tell you he’s a faithful believer in Jesus Christ.   “I couldn’t be sober today [without Jesus],” he says.   In September 2008, Dustin was in a motorcycle accident where he was pronounced dead at the scene. After a month [...]

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