8 gift ideas for every person on your list

Christmas shouldn't be a cause for stress, but every year you find yourself struggling to find that perfect gift to show a loved one how much they mean to you. Instead of braving the crowds and waiting in long lineups to score the best deals at the mall, why not do your shopping at globalaid.net/catalogue [...]

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5 ways to complete the picture

Have you ever tried having a spiritual conversation with someone who was starving? How about with someone who was struggling with a natural disaster? How did that conversation go?   Many people will not be open to discovering Jesus Christ until the other pieces of their lives are put together first.   That’s what happened [...]

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The 12 Days of Power to Change

This Christmas season, we've been taking the time to shine the spotlight on each of our 11 ministries, dedicating a day to sharing about the amazing work they are doing in their chosen mission field. Thanks to God's grace and provision, each of our ministries has had a major impact on the world over the past [...]

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Global Aid Network: Omar is here

Omar, his wife and nine children, live in a two-room tent exposed to sub-zero winter temperatures. The roof, held together by cardboard, is falling apart and the slightest wind or moisture could cause it to collapse completely.   This is where Omar's family has lived since they fled their home in Syria, but they still [...]

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