How I learned to talk about Jesus and share my faith

It’s not that I thought telling others about Jesus and having them discover a relationship with Jesus wasn’t important. It was just that I never felt confident that I knew how to communicate this life-changing message.   When I considered being open about my faith with my friends, I was more scared of how they [...]

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Faith Stands Out

When Ashleigh, a fourth-year University of Waterloo mechanical engineering student, first joined the Power to Change - Students community, she hoped she could quietly blend into the background.   “I wanted a Christian group where I could sit, watch, listen and learn,” she says.   Instead, she found herself leading discipleship groups, coordinating meetings and [...]

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The 12 Days of Power to Change

This Christmas season, we've been taking the time to shine the spotlight on each of our 11 ministries, dedicating a day to sharing about the amazing work they are doing in their chosen mission field. Thanks to God's grace and provision, each of our ministries has had a major impact on the world over the past [...]

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Power to Change – Students: Mackenna is here

It took seven months for Mackenna* to surrender to Jesus.   But let's start at the beginning. Mackenna, a first year physics student and professed atheist, never would have been in MacNaughton Hall one day in October if her lab hadn't been rescheduled. There, a message caught her eye: "Who or what would you die [...]

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Experiencing God through edible metaphors

"Taste and see that the Lord is good" Psalm 34:8   Culinary artist Gary Stevenson had an epiphany while reading the Bible: "God is a foodie."   Right from the start, with Adam and Eve eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil in Genesis, to Jesus being the bread of life, to the [...]

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More Than Friends: Finding Purpose on Campus

When Erin stepped onto campus she was trying to find her place in the world.   And she's not the only one. Erin began following Jesus in high school, but her needs and desires were not all that different from many of her non-Christian counterparts.   "That's one of the largest themes I see on [...]

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