Free Christmas colouring pages for kids and adults

The Christmas season is a time for joy, love, and hope, but it can also be a stressful time. There are all the events of the season, whether with kids, friends, or church; there's the Christmas shopping and all the crowds; and, of course, gathering with family, which can so often lead to headaches. It [...]

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Free printable Christmas gift tags!

You have gifts for your friends and family and you're armed with paper, ribbon and tape, ready to wrap them. There's just one thing missing: gift tags. Or maybe you do have gift tags, but they're the same gift tags you use year after year and you're tired of them. It's time for something different: [...]

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The Renovator’s Christmas – Excerpt from A Christmas Digest

by Jim Tulloch   The following story is excerpted from the new 2015 edition of A Christmas Digest. The full story is in the Digest, available in the Power to Change Resource Centre. ---   It was a few days before Christmas and the house looked good. Our staircase, adorned with green cedar boughs and [...]

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New edition of A Christmas Digest rich with tradition

At Christmas time, we often look for the big miracles: unexpected wartime truces, doctors saving lives against all odds, or the post office storming a courtroom with mailbags full of letters to Santa Claus.   Less talked about are the small miracles: acts of love, grace, and kindness that change lives. These are the types [...]

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