Finding Hope in the Face of Death

Sandy* was depressed and grieving a recent break-up when she came online for mentoring. She was curious about death and the afterlife because she suffered from an incurable heart condition.   Laura, the mentor, presented the gospel message in various forms and Sandy was quite receptive and asked a lot of questions.   Suddenly one [...]

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The 12 Days of Power to Change

This Christmas season, we've been taking the time to shine the spotlight on each of our 11 ministries, dedicating a day to sharing about the amazing work they are doing in their chosen mission field. Thanks to God's grace and provision, each of our ministries has had a major impact on the world over the past [...]

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The Life Project: Emily is here

As a believer who suffers from depression, Emily* has often felt different from those in her church.   "I felt that my depression was because I have less faith than them and if I can increase my faith, then I wouldn't have to worry about experiencing an episode," she writes in response to an article [...]

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