When Mike and Jeanne Reimer participated in a LeaderImpact Global Exchange to Panama in April 2016, it not only changed the lives of those they were serving, but their own as well.

Three years earlier, their nephew died and the heartache and pain never left the couple’s side. They hadn’t realized how much they had been hurting until the trip to Panama.

“The enormity of burdens unloaded there for us cannot be understated,” says Mike. “God has released me from years of crushing guilt and grief over losing my nephew that dominated my every hour. I hadn’t realize how it had come to define who I was and had begun to control all my relationships.”

Because of this trip, “Much healing is underway and my marital and family relationships are being renewed and refreshed. Praise God!”


Mike and Jeanne also had the incredible opportunity to bring someone to faith in Jesus.

“Now I find myself daydreaming of future Global Exchanges, praying with seeking souls, chasing God-sized dreams and watching the Holy Spirit work the room,” Mike says. “Thank you, LeaderImpact, for making all this possible!”


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