As a believer who suffers from depression, Emily* has often felt different from those in her church.


The Life Project - profile“I felt that my depression was because I have less faith than them and if I can increase my faith, then I wouldn’t have to worry about experiencing an episode,” she writes in response to an article she read on, a website developed by The Life Project.


The way Emily approached her struggles would keep her afloat for awhile, until she experienced another bout of depression. Then, she would only feel worse about herself, trying to find out where she went wrong.


“I know there are steps I can take in my thinking and prayer life to help alleviate the pain, but I find that once I get into that cycle of negative thinking and self-loathing, it’s quite difficult to escape,” she continues. “I’ve tried talking to a friend, who also does Bible study with me, and she really tries her best to help, but she doesn’t really understand what it feels like to feel completely helpless…to feel trapped by your own thoughts.”


But then, by reading the article online, Emily found someone else who understands.


“Even though I’ve always known I wasn’t alone in this, it’s nice to see evidence of others experiencing things similar to myself. I wanted to say that what you guys are doing on this site is truly amazing and I know that you will reach many people with the Truth! Thank you for reading what I have to say!”


Those who minister with The Life Project still face issues as well, but they have found abundant life through Jesus Christ. It’s their joy to lead with their weaknesses so that others can also discover Him.


Pearl is a mentor who responds to people like Emily who are reaching out online. Although she serves with dedication, she says her ministry has been more about what she has gained.


“I have gained faith. When I see specific answers to prayer, as well as the change, growth and healing of the women I mentor, my own faith is strengthened. I have gained compassion. I have gained joy. I have gained friends and sisters.”


Mentoring has provided healing for Pearl, and she has even developed long-lasting relationships with those she has mentored.


“I can’t wait for heaven when I meet these broken, yet beautiful, beloved women and we all know that God orchestrated our lives and stories for our good and His glory. Our lives have intersected for such a time as this.”


*Name has been changed for privacy.

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