As Sandra listened to her friend Olga share her testimony in front of a crowd of women at a Spanish WHEN event in April, she was deeply moved.

profileShe already knew the story; but this time, when Olga recounted how Jesus’ promise of eternal life had filled her with hope when her mother was dying, Sandra heard a new message.


“I had flashbacks as she was describing her story because I was part of that story. I remembered when we used to pray together,” Sandra explains, “and I started questioning myself, – Why did I stop praying? Why did I change my priorities?”


“After the brunch, I heard God saying to me, ‘Come back. I have always been by your side even when you haven’t noticed.’ I felt I needed to restore my relationship with God, so I asked a friend if I could come back to Life Group and if I could attend church.”


WHEN (Women’s Heart-Engaging Network) is committed to providing opportunities for women to gather, share their stories and encourage one another. After seven years of ministry, WHEN has hosted over 40 events and formed four teams to help women explore how the grace of God can bring hope, strength and order to their lives and to the lives of those around them.


For women like Sandra, these opportunities have been life changing. In July, Sandra was baptized at Coastal Church in Vancouver, B.C. and she has made a new commitment to recognize and proclaim Jesus publicly and to let her family see her devotion to Him.


Making an impact


WHEN - making an impact