Wish you were here!


What does that phrase mean to you? What usually comes to mind?


Personally, I picture a postcard with a shimmering blue ocean, a white sandy beach, and a hammock hanging between two palm trees. I picture relaxation, taking it easy, and forgetting about the world.


God’s calling for our lives isn’t always so picturesque. Sometimes God calls us to places or people that are surprising, unusual, difficult, and above all, real. Perhaps you’ve heard that call from God as you’re watching the news, driving through the city, or reading your Bible.


A remote village with no access to clean drinking water: Wish you were here!


A correctional institution where inmates long to know God’s forgiveness and grace: Wish you were here!


An email from a young man struggling with depression who doesn’t know where to turn: Wish you were here!


That phrase looks very different when applied to those situations, but that may be exactly what God is saying to you. You may be passionate about reaching out to those in need of humanitarian aid, or the marginalized, or those struggling with issues that they only feel comfortable talking about online.


Or you may be hearing God calling to you from college campuses, broken homes, sports locker rooms, political offices, or business boardrooms because everyone needs to know the message of Christ’s love.


This coming weekend, Power to Change will be at Break Forth Conference in Edmonton, AB, and at Missions Fest in Vancouver, BC, where you can explore how to fulfil God’s calling in your life through one of our 11 ministries. Both are happening from January 29th to 31st.


Is God calling you to feed the hungry? Visit prisoners? Plant churches? Make disciples?


Come visit our booth at either Break Forth or Missions Fest or visit p2c.com/wishyouwerehere to learn more about our ministries and how Power to Change can equip and train you to fulfil God’s calling in your life.


We wish you were here, so that we can go out into the world together.



Power to Change at Break Forth and Missions Fest